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The Legend of the Coward (human version)


When crows eat death and wolves drink blood

When dreams gnaw sleep and warnings flood

Seek deep your source of sin.

When friend is foe and hate is strong

Forgotten fears, forgotten wrongs

Can conquer from within.

When creatures dark that walk the land

Bring fear and death at their command--

Harbingers! War will come.


In Fire and Water the End's foretold.

So warning keep, and warning hold

Till Stones are silent and memories numb.

Till Hope or Despair last depend

On a Coward's Choice in the end.


With Hope for Man will stand forth four:

A Shaman Lord, Old Lore Mentor,

The last to guard the light.

In Wisdom's love, a King of Man

Must come now too to take his stand,

For Peace, he leads the fight.

And Courage for truth be evermore

With Honor's strength, its Protector,

A Friend still guards our right.


But Hope and Despair last depend

On a Coward's Choice in the end.



And of the Dolmen, if they still yearn

For their dreams lost, they must still learn

Four realms commanding Fate.

Friends of Water, Fire, Earth and Air--

Sisters four. Yet Hope and Despair

Are born in powers great.

All prophets born, these sisters four,

First, of dolman; the last, of man more.

Yet falsely one might see.


Till Hope and Despair last depend

On the Coward's Choice in the end.



Though love and faith shall Hope e'er need,

Despair that's born in one false deed

Succumbs each Truth to falsity.

The choice is yours. Guardians are,

Bound by powers of earth and star,

Always and never free.

When four from both races wedded spring,

And powers strong in dolman king,

Signs of the End await. 












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