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Home Library of Sorenzia HISTORICAL ARCHIVES Norgondy from Counting Ballads of Singerhalle

Norgondy (from the Counting Ballads of Singerhalle, date 660YD annotated)


One land, one heart

Two countries split apart1

Three rulers we sing2

Four vales roaming3

Five tongues we learn4

Six talents we earn5


1Two countries split apart  -- In the year 572, King Udor split off the land east of the Norgol plateau to create the duchy of Navarn to give to his younger son Rayid, while his older son Henrik became king of Norgondy. This led to the war of our gracious Bear goddess in the year 600 YD.

2Three rulers we sing -- The crown and noble lords, the priests of Sorenzia, the rich merchant guild in Norgarth – those who will pay well for their story set to song.

3Four valleys roaming  -- Upon earning his first chain of mastery, a Journeyman Singer must wander them all: 1. The great Norgol River Valley stretching from Moxie Pass and the Norgol Ridge on the eastern border to Norgarth on the west coast.  2.The Valley of Sorenzia along the river Sorenz cascading down the Norgol Plateau, joining the Dardin flowing from the mines at Malla through the woods of Baskong, then flowing west to the coastal towns of the northern provinces.  3. The gentle valley of the Capsens bordered on the north by Norgol River on the south by the Nespian Sea, on the west by the Eagle Hills, on the east by the south rim of the Norgol Ridge.  4.  The central valley of Navarn east of the Norgol Plateau.

4Five tongues we learn --  Students of Singerhalle must learn the histories and myths and songs of the five major cultures of Norgondy – Norgon, Morris, Capsen, Eller, Sorendon and speak fluently in at least 3 of their languages.   Master Singers will often be fluent in all five languages, and many of their dialects.

5Six talents we earn -- A play on words. A Master Singer can expect to earn 6 talents a year to put in his purse, a goodly sum. Master Singers can also expect to be renowned and remembered wherever they go for displaying their trained talents as a singer, musician, story teller, news gatherer, historian, and healer.