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Home Library of Sorenzia THE PLANET AND STARS Warning of the Birdfoot Star

The Warning of the Birdfoot Star



When the lionbird1 steps from the fire,

The land will move,

The sea will storm,

The harvest rot.

When the Great Bear wears a crown,

Princes die. 

Beware the Birdfoot Star.


— from the Great Astrolabe above the Throne Room of the Norgon Kings 


1The Morris translate lionbird as phoenix.   They also call the Birdfoot Star the Phoenix Star. 









 cf. A warning from 16th century Earth (Fawn’s note)



The Blazing Star



Threatening the world with Famine, Plague, and War:

 To Princes, Death!...

To Sailors, Storms; To Cities, Civil Treasons!


De cometis

                                              by John Gadbury, London, 1665