The Holden Stone

Reflections of a Fantasy Writer

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The Holden 



The Holden are a humanoid race with telekinetic powers over stone.  They delight in dripping water into caves to create stalactite formations. The hidden heart inside a geode is also believed to be the artwork of the Holden.   Holden are rarely seen, but some shepherds, miners and hunters high in mountain passes have reported hearing the haunting music of the Holden in their dreams.   Upon awakening, those lucky few were driven to accomplish a new deed.  Holden are said to be very short in stature, with furry goat-like legs and tall pointed hats.   Males grow long white beards down to their feet,  females grow beards only half as long.   Mention of the Holden can be found in THE CHRYSALIAD and THE CASSANDRA STONE.

a holden stone          

The Watchers  

The Watchers are a sentient non-corporeal race of beings who are said to watch with sad bemusement the hopes, wars and failings of the dolman and human newcomers to their world.   Upon her ascendency to the throne, the High Queen of the Otarin dolmen makes a pilgrimage to meet the watchers somewhere in the far north of Colonium.   King Avenor noted in his Chronicles (year 1000 YD) that he believed the mysterious Watchers were the ones who once gave the Legend of the Coward to dolmen and to mankind.  (see The Chrysaliad)   It is possible humans had more contact with the Watchers when they first arrived on the planet, up until the Great Devastation of the year 200 YD.   (see THE CASSANDRA STONE)

The Garug kai 

The garug/garug kai (in dolman): a griffin-like creature that looks like a cross between a lion and an eagle with a scorpion’s forked poisonous tail. The garugs can be trained to understand spoken and telepathic commands. They hunt alone or in family prides like lions do. They strike with their tail first, paralyzing their prey before eating them. Fossils of garugs as well as sand gators and butterfly-and bear-like creatures give proof to how ancient they are. Most other animals on Colonium were brought by the dolmen and humans to the world.