The Holden Stone

Reflections of a Fantasy Writer

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the game of strategy played by the guardsmen and miners of Colonium


Played with one pair of dice, silver talents (or poker chips), and a crossjack deck of cards. There are 8 Jacks in a crossjack deck of cards. All jacks are wild.

Goal:  To be the first player to complete a straight that includes one or both die and at least 7 cards.

Winnings:   5 talents left at the end of the game wins a story or the next chapter in one of the Colonium novels.     Or open a savings account at the First National Bank of Durinbyrne.   Talents can be withdrawn from this account in future games.


Play CrossJacks!

Master Level:   With a 200 talents stake, you can play Cutthroat CrossJacks with your friends.   Upgrade required.

Apprentice Level:   Play for fun and practice.   No betting or scoring.


Read a scene of the game being played in the Under the Eye Inn at Kairugon Cross.

About the Cards and Players

Look for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign to bring the CrossJacks! card game into full production.

featuring new artwork by Fantasy artist Arielle Rohan-Newsom

Queen of Stones, CrossJacks! playing card, by Arielle Rohan-Newsom